About Us

About Us

AirOnAir was established in 2007 in Manchester by graduates who had worked on student radio station Fuse FM at the University of Manchester and MMU Radio at the Manchester Metropolitan University. At the time of launch the number of pirate radio stations had reduced from a high of the decade before, but the ‘Madchester’ days had put the area firmly on the map with large numbers wanting to listen to radio rather than just their latest spotify list.

AirOnAir broadcasts mainstream and popular music, but our DJs are experienced, knowledgable and curious characters who like to look behind the obvious to search for sounds not usually heard on radio, but that we’re sure you’ll love.

Our Team

Radio host Alicia Atkinson

Alicia was born and bred in Preston, where she still lives with her partner Rob Lamb and their two children. Alicia worked as a DJ in Preston before starting her radio career as a producer for shows on Rock FM. She then moved to Galaxy Manchester to co-present the station’s evening show. Having taken a break to care for her children, Alicia is now back broadcasting songs of love and romance. These are mostly from the 1980s onwards, but Alicia is curious to find new and unusual songs you may not yet have heard. She likes to surprise.

Born in Longsight, Manchester in 1988, Alex’s original musical interest was in playing the guitar, but she soon moved to become a volunteer DJ at the Northern Air Hospital Radio station, one of the first hospital radio stations in the UK to broadcast 24 hours a day.

Radio host Alex Moore

It was here, that Alex would hear a lot from patients and their family and friends, not just their music requests, but random pieces of fun facts and trivia that she was able to translate into a show. At around this time Alex also began writing for an online charts music magazine called Soul Mafia.
Alex’s first appearance on commercial radio was on Radio Invicta where she joined a rota of nightclub DJs to present monthly guest shows.

Radio host Sam Carpenter

Sam worked for Blue Danube Radio in Vienna, a station sponsored by the United Nations before returning to his home-town of Manchester and joining Sunset 102 (later known as Kiss 102 that is now known as Capital Manchester). Sam is the face of our morning broadcast between 6am and 10am Monday to Friday and 7am to 10am on Sunday.
Sam’s positive energy is the perfect way to start the day. The music’s important and this man is a walking encyclopaedia (he admits he has a photographic memory) of music that he pulls together to get your day off to a positive start. At the same time, he will be sure to tell you all the important national and international news of the day. If there are any major incidents he will keep you fully informed, without any irritating sound-bites from politicians you don’t want to hear from in the early hours of your day.